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11th October 2018

Avetta Approved Delta Rock Group.


Avetta is responsible for connecting 57,000 qualified suppliers with 300 clients across 100 countries mitigating risk within the supply chain. The highest level of pre-qualification ensures that a network of exceptional suppliers supports Avetta’s blue-chip client base. Avetta’s offering means that organisations with a global footprint can maintain the greatest levels of consistency and receive a world-class service wherever they are operating in the world.
One of our target customers, a global OEM in the food and beverage sector, encouraged Delta Rock Group to gain Avetta approval. Our approval means that Delta Rock Group services can be procured by other parts of the group, anywhere in the world. This provides our customer with a consistent service and best practice approach.
Being approved by Avetta not only demonstrates Delta Rock Group’s commitment to employing world-class levels of service and technology but also provides a great platform to support more OEM clients across the globe.

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