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15th November 2018

Rapid delivery. Quality project. Increased efficiencies.


When planning for a new plant or extension to an existing process facility, it is important to source a reliable external team who can deliver the project to the specification efficiently, on time and within budget.

Delta Rock has just successfully contributed to the extension of a production facility enabling a global OEM client to deliver their project within a tight timeframe.  This has allowed the end user business to proceed with their increased production capacity, realising the increase in demand for their product to their market.

At Delta Rock, we support our OEM customers in the delivery of their projects within a wide range of engineering disciplines spanning the life of the project.

From conception to commissioning, we are demonstrating the internal capability, within our three divisions, automation, electrical and mechanical to design and deliver electrical control panels, mechanical pipework solutions, and skid based sub-assemblies.

Our site-based teams are skilfully delivering integrated projects on-site throughout Europe, enhancing the value our clients can provide to their end-user customers.

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