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24th January 2019

How Delta Rock provides an Integrated Project Delivery.


In recent news, it has been revealed that there needs to be more awareness of the principles of an Integrated Project Delivery and how you, the customer, can tap into the full potential of a contractor or supplier. If multiple contractors are required on-site to deal with large scale projects, this can be quite costly, time-consuming and disruptive to your plant.

It’s good to know that Delta Rock houses it all under one roof. We have a highly skilled team of technicians and engineers across all three of our divisions - electrical, automation and mechanical - that complement one another to give you an integrated project delivery. We have the capability to manufacture and test off-site to ensure projects are delivered safely, on time and with minimal disruption.

From consultancy during the planning stages to the installation and commissioning of a unique turnkey system and support service, Delta Rock manages every project from the outset. This integrated project delivery results in reduced cost, improved efficiency and will minimise your downtime.

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