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06th February 2019

Fully tested assembly and off-site manufacturing of all wiring and pipework


Hygienic installations in food manufacturing facilities are paramount to reducing the risk of foodborne pathogens. In most food manufacturing and processing facilities, the upgrade of infrastructures and systems will depend on whether the equipment meets the needs of the process and if the production flow is at its optimal level. For older installations with ageing pipework and wiring, a complete overhaul may be necessary to bring the system up to current standards.


At Delta Rock, we have the in-house ability and expertise to provide you with best in class pipework design and manufacture. Our integrated installation service encompasses the services offered by our three divisions, Electrical, Automation and Mechanical. From the design and manufacture of electrical control panels, automation software, electrical cabling and infrastructure, and mechanical hygienic pipework, to off-site manufacture of valve matrix and pump solutions. We strive to deliver exactly what you want, remaining flexible and adaptable throughout, to deliver a project on time, on budget and to an exceptional standard.


Additionally, we recognise the need to help production run whilst we install new plant and equipment and the hygienic environment is always recognised. Therefore, we fully test, assemble and manufacture all wiring and pipework off-site to ensure production never falters before deploying a team of skilled engineers to install the work on-site.


To get in touch with Delta Rock about the piping and wiring of your facility, contact us today via sales@deltarock.co.uk

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