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Diverting Plastics from Landfill with Plastic-to-Oil Process

Diverting Plastics from Landfill with Plastic-to-Oil Process

Diverting Plastics from Landfill to Create a Valuable Resource

We are all too aware of the unacceptable amounts of plastics that have and are still entering landfill, along with significant amounts finding their way into our oceans.

The pressure to reduce plastic usage is immense. The urgency is to establish a mechanism to make use of unwanted plastics and reduce the surplus that is impacting our global environments.

An exciting project has seen Delta Rock involved with part of the automation element for a process plant that is a game-changer in the field of plastic recycling.

Plastic to Oil (P-2-O) Pyrolysis Technology

The process to covert plastic to oil, uses many plastics that have previously been deemed not suitable for recycling. Plastics such as crisp packets, polystyrene and cling film can be taken and put through the process of Plastic to Oil (P-2-O) Pyrolysis Technology, to convert into a synthetic oil. This oil can then be used in various industries, including petrochemical, construction, manufacturing, and waste to energy.

The additional benefit of this process is that the gases not condensed in the process will be back fed to use in the heating of the process.

Controlling the Process

Delta Rock won the contract to design, build and install a critical part of the automation system, for a new plant, located in Holyhead, Anglesey that would monitor and control part of the plant.

The P-2-O process needs to be monitored to ensure the correct heat is reached, and the correct volume of air and gas is maintained during the process. Delta Rock designed the control panel system to ‘trigger’ when any of these different elements were not at the correct operational levels.

When the automation control system triggers an alert, an alarm is raised, initiating the operators to intervene, to fault find and rapidly fix the issue.

With alerts in place, production downtime will be minimised; obviously any downtime significantly impacts the P-2-O process and business costs, so it is critical that the process is constantly monitored.

Interoperability of Systems

With various operational aspects to this process, it was essential that we integrated our electrical automation control system with the other elements to streamline operations.

At the initial stage, Delta undertook a scope of works to ensure the control system software was designed to meet the needs of the operational process. The control panel system designed and built included five MCC’s (motor control centre) and a PLS’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) to control and monitor the process at the various critical stages.

To constantly gather and analyse real-time data to monitor this sensitive process SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) was used as the operational interface, to constantly display the data. If an alert is raised SCADA displays and identifies faults found within zoned areas, for operators to react upon.

SCADA provides an excellent system management to support the operators and assists in creating safer operational conditions.

Install and Commissioning

Once we completed the installation of our control panel system, and integrated into the other systems, we then supported the commissioning of the system, running trials to verify process alerts and the operational interface.

To support safe operations, a back-up system was also developed and installed, which included an additional PLC. The extra PLC remains as a back-up, but operational to any system updates.

Combating Climate Change

In comparison to traditional plastic disposal methods, P-2-O Pyrolysis Technology process significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Converting plastic waste to oil reduces the need to extract fossil fuel, contributing to a more sustainable and cleaner environment.

Plastic to Oil process helps reduce the amount of plastic waste and creates a product that can be used again.

The new plant is obviously in its infancy, but an extremely exciting operation. Delta Rock are really pleased to be part of a project that can make such a huge difference.

Operational Design

If you are looking to update your automation operations or need to design and develop a bespoke system for your plant, Delta Rock has the inhouse expertise and capabilities to design, build and install complete systems to suit your operations.

Need support? Talk to our team to discuss your requirements.


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