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Automation – Improving production efficiencies and reducing costs

Automation – Improving production efficiencies and reducing costs

Automation Improving Operational Processes

The manufacturing industry faces many challenges. For many manufacturing businesses it’s not just a case of competing on a national or international level, but on a global scale.  The intensity of competition is therefore immense. To continual to meet these challenges and stay competitive, continual improvement and development of operational processes is essential.

Often repetitive tasks form part of a manufacturing process. Evaluating how these can be automated to reduce costs and increase production efficiencies is critical to maintaining a sustainable and profitable business.

Automation Benefiting Your Business

Incorporating an automation system into your production can have significant operational benefits, including:

    • Improved production efficiency
    • Increased speed of tasks
    • Improved operational reliability
    • Consistent and controlled quality
    • Reduced error and rejects
    • Improved safety
    • Relocation of resources
    • Reduced costs

Automation systems can be developed to support and enhance numerous operational processes. It can be implemented and adapted for a variety of manufacturing environments, including food and beverage, waste and water treatment, construction, and chemical plants.

Reviewing your processes to either further enhance and improve or create a new automation system to streamline your production operations, is how Delta Rock can support the progression and growth of your business.

Automation Creates a Safer Environment

In addition to providing operational efficiencies, automation improves reliability and creates a safer working environment for your employees. Automation systems, for instance, can manage heavy lifting tasks and transfer of products, removing often dangerous or difficult operations from your workforce. This supports the development of your health and safety policies and procedures.

At Delta Rock we have the in-house automation expertise with extensive experience and knowledge of developing automation systems across a range of industry sectors and for a variety of operational processes.

We work closely with our customers, to ensure we understand the current operational process and its requirements along with the future objectives of your business.

We can offer the complete turn-key services from the initial feasibility study, to control systems design, manufacture of the control panels, development of the control software for automation processes, to the complete system installation and commissioning.

If you are looking to increase your production output and drive down costs, contact us now to start developing your automation system solutions.

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