Date: March 3, 2023 4:58 pm

Celebrating World Engineering Day

Celebrating World Engineering Day

What have engineers ever done for us?

Let’s put it another way. There isn’t anything that is man-made that an engineer hasn’t contributed to. From the initial concept stage to design, manufacture and continual development that impacts everything around us in our everyday lives.

From a simple water bottle to a manufacturing process, to the latest electric car, without the expertise, knowledge and skills of engineers, none of these would be possible.

Engineering is in everything, and yet we still don’t celebrate or illustrate to the next generation the importance and extraordinary range of careers available within the world of engineering.

Delta Rock is pleased to support World Engineering Day, to celebrate and build awareness of the importance of engineering, in its many guises.

Engineering is the key to constant evolvement and development and now more than ever, with so many challenges we face, climate change, sustainability, reducing resources, increased populations, we need to grow and develop the engineering skills that are vital to take on these challenges.


At Delta Rock we are passionate about engineering and developing the next generation of electrical engineers. We are committed through our Apprenticeships to nurture and train the next generation of industrial electricians. We have a wealth of expertise, but there is a lost generation of skills, so it is imperative that we continue to pass on engineering skills to the next generation. We need to maintain the high level of knowledge and expertise, not just via academic theory, but by providing practical experience, to develop practical problem solving skills.

Electrical engineering is the ‘switch’ that powers manufacturing. Whether it is the food we eat or the medicines we need, electrical engineers design and install the systems to power the manufacturing processes we all rely upon. Without the electrical engineering behind it, then the power and framework systems wouldn’t exist.

So, let’s celebrate engineers in all their guises, because they are critical to all of us and making a better place for the next generation.

Be part of the world of engineers. If you are keen to follow a rewarding and progressive career in electrical engineering, or join our Apprentice Scheme then contact us now, as we will be pleased to speak with you.

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