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Automation Systems

Delta Rock has the internal experts to design, develop and commission control and automation systems across many industries. We are OEM independent and can lead projects on your behalf or as an extension to your existing automation team. Providing turnkey automation results for your production and process environments, we make use of the experience and expertise of our teams.

Our cross-industry knowledge of production and process environments has provided us with the experience to design, manufacture and commission automation systems which can improve efficiency, safety, energy use and quality. We combine motion control and robotics with mechanical and electrical engineering all from a single source, giving our customers greater accountability, traceability and reliability.

Control Panel Manufacture

Our range of Delta Rock control panels are fully customisable and built with the highest quality materials, increasing asset life and reliability.

Factories around the world rely on multiple technologies and engineering disciplines to manufacture their products. Most OEMs are responsible for the installation and configuration of their equipment and are not looking at the entire operation. As we move towards the digital age of manufacturing, known as 4th Industrial Revolution, the need for complete plant control has never been greater. The ideology moves away from manufacturing cells to total plant integration with reduced human intervention. Through intelligent automation, Delta Rock can integrate multiple technologies which deliver greater efficiency, cost saving, lower maintenance spends, reduced capital expenditure and greater control of the entire process.

Delta Rock also provides remote access support for your automation and control systems. We are highly experienced in interfacing business systems to integrate reporting, scheduling and database reporting.

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