Date: May 23, 2023 12:50 pm

Enhancing the manufacturing process

Enhancing the manufacturing process

Many of the businesses we support are large established organisations with production facilities that have huge demands on them. Often their manufacturing process need to run continuous shifts, which places additional challenges when undertaking production facility installations & modifications.

Delta Rock is aware of these difficulties, and we work with our customers to understand their requirements and objectives. We provide the best practice solution for design and installation to ensure the electrical engineering and automation facility developments are carried out safely, on-time, with minimum or no interference to production and within budget.

One such project is for a cable manufacturing company. A world leader in energy and telecoms cable systems, they are the largest manufacturer of cable and accessories in the UK. Its high voltage facility is the only factory in the UK that is capable of manufacturing the submarine cable cores.







Within the plant there was a requirement to update the wiring of the machine that transports large copper bobbins to the cable production line.


Currently the old wiring is completely shielded and installed beneath the conveyors; for the purposes of maintenance this causes access issues. This results in the line being shut down for numerous hours for repairs. Closing the line loses valuable production.

We designed a new wiring system that would replace the old version with updated systems including changing the traditional manual switches, on the conveyor that carries the bobbins holding copper cable to proxy switches.

This improves the efficiency of the system and reduces wear and tear as nothing physical is now moving, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Delta have also facilitated the request from the factory’s operators to improve the access of the power feeds to the multiple line of conveyors. The copper bobbins are held here before being transferred into the machine that spins the copper.

To access and maintain the lane system, operators had to step over a conveyor. Delta designed a more substantial infrastructure that sees the cables pass clearly over the operational production line. These are strong enough to hold the weight of the power cables but also tall enough to clear the conveyor.

This entire project has simplified the maintenance procedure. The cabling infrastructure will be exposed to support ease of access and visual inspections.

Gareth Hitchmough – General Manger of Delta Rock says: “Understanding the operational requirements of a production run is always key to designing a bespoke system that provides the best solution. Care and attention on the installation of this system was also a top priority, because work needed to be carried out during operational times.”


The new wiring design has future proofed this system for many years, for our customer. It has provided several operational benefits, with operators no longer needing to close the production for repairs and maintenance and day-to-day access requirements. This has resulted in significant cost savings for our customer with a reduction in production downtime and a more efficient maintenance process.

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