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Electrical Infrastructure Installation for Hygiene Manufacturing Expansion

Electrical Infrastructure Installation for Hygiene Manufacturing Expansion

The Challenge

Our customer, a leading manufacturer and supply of hygiene products has invested in additional premises, to further expand their business and capabilities. The premises were previously owned and used by a print manufacturer. To create the environment our customer needed, the premises required a complete re-fit.

Before moving forward all existing machinery, old plant and wiring was removed. A new factory layout was designed to house the new machinery and associated equipment, to meet the individual operating production processes of our customer.

This incorporated the need for MCCs, an entire new wiring system and lighting layout, which would support and suit the new manufacturing production line process and operational needs. Lighting was reviewed using Robus, to ensure the factory was lit appropriately, to provide the correct level of light throughout the premises to create a safe and productive workspace.

Typical to any business taking over an existing factory and offices, there were challenges with how the new machinery could be positioned within the space and how vital electrics and light fittings could be installed in line with time frames and machine installation requirements.

A core objective was creating an efficient lighting system, that would meet the needs of the production line, and provide the correctly lit environment for operators to work within.

The Process

The initial stage of the new electrical infrastructure and lighting re-design was to undertake a site visit, to establish factory structure, roof height, site orientation (to understand natural light) and surrounding area.

Layout of machinery and operational work patterns were discussed to ensure all requirements were substantiated and understood.

With all facts gained the best electrical layout and lighting system could be designed to suit the new factory layout and operating requirements.

Forward planning of the layout and installation of the tray works was done, to accommodate the necessity to have this installed prior to the installation of all the machinery.

It was essential that a plan was created, as this provided the installation schedule to manage the initial access to install tray work and cabling to the new machinery. It would have been extremely difficult to run these items once the machinery was in place.

Unistrut was then used to drop down the necessary power, at the designated points, in preparation of the various machines.

Refurbishment - electrical installation and lighting system.

Refurbishment – electrical installation and lighting system.

The Solution

Lighting has a huge impact on how people work within a space and their wellbeing. It was imperative that the new lighting provided the correct lux (brightness) levels, and the distribution enhanced the workspaces.

Working with Robus, the electrical layout and power requirements were discussed, along with the operational process requirements, to establish where and what type of lighting would be needed and best suited to the area and operations.

New power supplies were installed to two new distribution boards to meet the needs of the new lighting and power installation.

To provide sufficient light distribution UFO style Sonic 4 LED High Bay light fittings were decided upon to use throughout the factory. These provide a directional light, which has a huge impact on the working environment for the operators. They create a bright light distribution, without creating glare.

LED lights are significantly more energy efficient than the old traditional Sodium Vapour/ Metal Halide lighting, and meet the energy efficiency targets. This energy efficiency will provide considerable cost savings.

Lux levels were checked to ensure the correct brightness was provided in all the different areas, which is a key consideration for factories with such high roofs.

Looking at the orientation of the building, natural light was considered to work in conjunction with the design and layout of the lighting system.

In the event of power failure, emergency lighting was incorporated into the lighting design. This is a self-charging system and if power failure occurred, the emergency lighting will switch on and illuminate exit routes to assist personal.

Trimble software was used to calculate the cable requirements. This ensured the correct cabling was used to meet the amperage of the machines.

Working to the planned schedule, Delta installed the cable trays in accordance with the delivery of the machines, so these were all in place beforehand. The cabling for the machines was supplied from our new MCCB panel and Distribution Board, which were installed during phase 1 of the installation.

We worked with the various trades on site, to ensure we coordinated where we needed to be working, alongside other installations that were in also in progress.

UFO style Sonic 4 LED light fittings to provide energy efficient lighting to suit the needs of the manufacturing operations.

UFO style Sonic 4 LED light fittings to provide energy efficient lighting to suit the needs of the manufacturing operations.

The Added Value

The installation of new electrics and lighting system will have significant impacts for this new facility, which includes:

  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Maintenance reduced, as new LED fittings have a longer life.
  • A lighting system that is compatible for factory and workspace.
  • Emergency lighting system, in the event of power failure, to safely guide people along walkways to emergency exits.
  • Vastly improved and updated lighting system, that provides an excellent light quality work environment.
  • Up-to-date, safe and modern MCCB and distribution boards
  • Reduced costs, improved energy efficiencies and carbon savings.

Choosing the right lighting system, supported by a safe and effective electrical control system will foster a stimulating and effective environment for the workforce.

At Delta Rock we pride ourselves on working with clients to understand their needs from the outset, to ensure the best electrical infrastructure design and lighting system is adopted and installed to suit all the operational needs of the business and operators.

If you are looking to expand or refurbish your manufacturing plant, then we would be pleased to discuss your plans, to support you in achieving energy efficiencies, and a productive environment.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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