Date: July 7, 2023 10:10 am

Pleased to be Investing in the Next Generation of Electrical Engineers

Pleased to be Investing in the Next Generation of Electrical Engineers

We extend a big welcome to our three new apprentices at Delta Rock.

We are passionate about building the skills of the next generation, to meet the demands of the future. We are therefore delighted that George, Katie, and Kian have joined the team at Delta Rock Group, to start their career journey to become fully qualified Electrical Engineers.

Delta Rock have developed their apprenticeship scheme over many years and are pleased to see so many young people keen to carve out a career in engineering. Our apprenticeship scheme provides not only the academic side, but hands-on experience. Our apprentices are supported by experts in the field of electrical and automation engineering. They are taught a range of skills, including control panel build at Delta’s head office workshops, and a variety of electrical and automation projects at various industrial sites.

At Delta Rock we support the industrial electrical engineering environment. This provides our apprentices the unique opportunity to work within a wide range of industry sectors. Our projects stem from the Food and Beverage sector to Waste and Water Treatment to Construction and Manufacturing.

We have developed our apprenticeships over many years. It has now become a much sought-after scheme for budding electrical engineers to launch their career. One of the distinguishing benefits of Delta’s apprenticeship is the knowledge and hands-on experience they gain from a broad range of projects and industrial settings.

Our Apprentices First Week Comes to a Close

This week has been about getting to know the team at the head office in Sandycroft, and an understanding and familiarisation of the in-house processes and procedures. These are all part of the knowledge and skills they will need to understand and use.  It was also the start of essential training which included Asbestos Awareness, so they each have an awareness of the potential dangers, before stepping on to site.

Keen to start with some hands-on experience, George, Katie and Kian have also been shadowing our 3rd year apprentice Sam in the construction of electrical panels in the workshop.

Electrical control panels and automation systems is a core capability at Delta Rock. This is a skill that our apprentices gain training in, so they develop the necessary bespoke electrical specialist system building expertise. This is vital knowledge, and a valuable skill set that will enhance their on-site experience and capabilities, making them a well-rounded, skillful and diverse electrical engineers.

The next step is when General Manager Gareth Hitchmough and Project Engineer Adam Metcalfe will decide where the apprentices will be located, either on-site or in the workshop on their leave days from college. The hands-on control panel build, and on-site experience will continue, to ensure our apprentices gradually develop their expertise, so they will successfully reach full electrical engineer status at the end of their apprenticeship.

Gareth Hitchmough, General Manager at Delta Rock said,“It’s always exciting to see the next intake of trainee electrical engineers join us through our apprenticeship scheme. Delta Rock is passionate about creating the next generation of skilled engineers, which is why we continue to invest heavily in our apprenticeships. Our team of qualified electrical and automation engineers hold a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience, which we are keen to pass on to our apprentices. The academic side to the apprenticeship is key, but the experience of working on site, on real-life projects alongside our qualified team, is essential experience that is crucial to their future growth and development.”

“I hope you’ve all enjoyed your first week and it’s gone well, George, Katie and Kian. We all wish you every success in being part of the team at Delta Rock.”

The development of employees and the investment in training is paramount to the continued growth of Delta Rock and its commitment to exceptional service and quality of work that meets the highest of industry standards.

Industry needs highly skilled industrial electrical and automation engineers, to support the ever-changing operational challenges our customers face. Investing in young people through apprenticeships enables our business to continue to grow and provide the innovative electrical and automation solutions the manufacturing sectors need. Nurturing and developing the essential engineering skills for the future will support continued business growth.

Delta Rock continues to evolve their apprenticeship scheme to ensure the skills we have now are passed on and we continue to develop the next generation of electrical engineers.

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