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Meet the Team – Adam

Meet the Team – Adam

We are proud to have many long standing members in the team at Delta Rock and Adam is one of them. It’s been a long road, but Adam has grown and progressed alongside the continued success and growth of Delta Rock.

Adam’s journey began working as an electrician for a small electrical contractor company in Bromborough alongside his father. The business focused on serving the domestic market, undertaking electrical work in homes and small establishments.

Having served a 4-year electrical apprenticeship and gaining his JIB qualification with Birkenhead Technical College, Adam held several jobs locally. Joining the family of Delta Rock in 2003, as an approved electrician, it was the first time Adam was exposed to industrial electrical engineering.

Working in industrial electrical engineering confirmed to Adam that this was the path he wanted to pursue.

During the initial 15 years working at Delta Rock Adam was able to continue to progress as an electrician. As specialist in industrial electrical engineering and automation, Delta provided the opportunity to work in different manufacturing environments. This included a range of industries, from food and beverage to waste management.

The opportunities enabled Adam to grow his knowledge and expertise, enabling him to manage projects and rise to supervisor status.

The opportunity that was a turning point for Adam

Propelling Adam’s career forward

Adam explains “Under the previous ownership of Delta Rock, I was told I’d always be just a middleman, never excelling beyond, but a good ‘all-rounder’. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I was off work for a while. On returning, I found myself based on-site at Airbus where I was asked to fulfill a supervisor’s role. It was this role that the penny finally dropped. I realised I was confident and capable enough to handle this type of position and responsibility.”

Delta Rock Group, was acquired by The Ethikos Group 2017


Adam continues, “This coincided with a change in the ownership of Delta Rock and The Ethikos Group acquiring the business. Many of us could see this was a change for the better and I knew I wanted to be part of the company’s new chapter. With new opportunities for positions based within the office opening, several of us applied.

Disappointingly, I was unsuccessful. Thankfully, the new Managing Director, Scott Davis (and co-owner of The Ethikos Group) noticed my frustration and eagerness to progress. He discussed another opportunity with me. There was a need for someone who would be office based, but also needed to travel to the various project sites. This role would be the integral link between the status of projects on-site and reporting back to the Senior Projects Manager and General Manager in the office.

This was the big break I’d been looking for. It would enable me to progress my career and tailor it in a new direction. This is the role I’m currently in and I really enjoy it. It’s great to have such variety in your job; each day can be different and working within a great team, which is very supportive.”

The Ethikos Group – Advocates team development

The Ethikos Group works hard to have its values and ethos running through all its’ businesses. It advocates developing people from within the business and allowing them the opportunity to progress in their career, whether that means further qualifications or progressing to another part of the business or following a role in management.

From Supervisor to Project Engineer

Adam has continued to progress in his role, and now holds the position of Project Engineer. He splits his time between on-site projects and the office. His role as Project Engineer has the responsibility of ensuring the smooth running of projects. He communicates with the on-site team, reporting back to the management team and manages any on-site issues. This is a role Adam continues to develop.

To assist in the management of each project workflow, Adam, working with another colleague introduced an online digital management system. The objective was to better support and streamline the running of projects and the on-site teams.

The new system has enhanced the monitoring of workflows and made updating with the management team easier and quicker, regarding the progress status of current projects. It has also significantly improved communication with the on-site teams, which has been invaluable.

Continuous Development

Adam is also a key member of the company’s VIP (Visionary – Industrious – Presentable) team. The VIP forum provides a platform where issues, new developments and suggestions can be put forward by anybody at Delta Rock. The VIP team will then discuss, evaluate, and progress ideas, accordingly.

In addition to these roles, following his contribution to the VIP forum and how he has progressed in his current role, as Project Engineer, Adam was seen as an ideal mentor and supervisor of our young new talent starting at Delta Rock. Adam is now Delta’s Apprentice Team Leader.

This role sees Adam liaise with colleges, to bring on new potential electrical engineers and supporting the apprentices, whilst updating on their progression when working on site.

Along the way, Adam has acquired an impressive collection of qualifications reinforcing his skill and capability in the electrical engineering industry, and ability to keep learning, which include IPAF, C&G Level 3 – Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations and CMI Level 4 – Management and Leadership.

Adam’s career progression is testament to his hard work and determination. His vast array of experience from working on-site to project management makes him a highly valued member of the team at Delta Rock.


If you want to be part of the team at Delta Rock, contact us now, we are always keen to find new people to be part of our growing team.

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