Date: November 15, 2023 10:11 am

Meet the Team – Gareth

Meet the Team – Gareth

Following his recent promotion from General Manager to Managing Director we are pleased to showcase Gareth’s career path that has led him to achieving great success at Delta Rock.

Gareth joined Delta Rock in 2001, as an apprentice electrical engineer. Gareth underwent his AM2 Assessment and completed his NVQ Level 3 to become a fully qualified Electrician. Through his apprenticeship and beyond, Gareth worked in a variety of industrial settings on a range of electrical engineering and automation design and installation projects for Delta Rock.

As a qualified electrical engineer with Delta Rock, every day is different, working in various industrial environments, including food and beverage, waste management, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical and process engineering. This provided Gareth with a wealth of experience, not only industrial electrical engineering, but the ability to work on his own initiative, problem solve, and project management. It also gave him the exposure of working closely with customers at the front face of projects on-site.

Working his way up the career path, Gareth became a senior electrical site supervisor, managing projects and responsible for the team on site, including up-and-coming apprentice electricians.  At every stage Gareth continued to expand his expertise and knowledge which broaden his capabilities and skillset.

Moving forward to 2017, Delta Rock Group was acquired by The Ethikos Group.

This coincided with Gareth looking for his next challenge. Seeing the take-over as a new opportunity Gareth approached the new owners to discuss his future development and progression. Gareth was keen to move into the office and develop his skills in the management side of projects and business development.

It was clear that Gareth was driven and showed excellent qualities to transfer into management.

Gareth said. “Having come from an apprenticeship background, my younger ‘self’ would never envisage progressing to a Managing Director role. When I reflect now, I still wouldn’t change the path I took, as it enabled me to gain professional qualifications plus a wealth of practical hands-on electrical engineering experience and working in a range of industrial settings. The apprenticeship route gives you a rich background of skills and experience whilst gaining that essential qualification. It also gives you the opportunity to work alongside older experienced industrial electricians, who impart their knowledge and experience which you wouldn’t obtain from a classroom. Working on site you need to have the ability to problem solve and work on your own initiative. My career path provided me with a range of skills and knowledge that enabled me to continue to progress to supervisory roles. I would encourage anyone to make the most of any opportunity to progress your development. Progressing to supervisor role gave me the ability to step into operations and office management positions, which propelled my managerial progression. At every stage I have continued to learn and develop new skills.

Delta Rock has obviously been a second home for Gareth, now in his 22nd year in the business. Delta Rock have always been proud and fastidious in the team they have developed, creating a very capable and experienced electrical engineering and automation design workforce. Something that Gareth benefited from throughout his 22 years.

Gareth continues, “A turning point for me, was definitely when The Ethikos Group acquired Delta Rock. I was extremely keen to progress further and so I quickly illustrated to the new owners my drive for further development. It was shortly after the acquisition that I was offered a more managerial role, which came with numerous challenges. I was, however, prepared and eager to meet these new challenges. When you are working at the front end on site you don’t tend to think about or are aware of the office end and management responsibilities or problems. At times it was and has been difficult and a lot to take on and adapt to, but it has been immensely rewarding. Both owners, Scott and Gail provided me with opportunities to progress, but more importantly they supported and mentored me in gaining the qualities, knowledge and skills to really progress further into a management role. The promotion to General Manager was obviously an immense milestone for me, which came with further responsibilities. Once again, with guidance and support I was able to meet the goals set. With the offer of Managing Director, it fueled my commitment to continue to grow Delta Rock. Now with the role of Managing Director I am excited to lead the business forward to the next stage of growth”.

Scott Davis, co-owner of The Ethikos Group, parent company of Delta Rock Group, said ”It has been tough at times, not least through the pandemic, but it is rewarding to see Delta Rock’s success and continued growth, in the time we have owned the business. On acquiring Delta Rock, we quickly identified members of the team who we knew had the right skills, aptitude, and very importantly the values and attitude to progress the business in the way we wanted to grow it. Gareth’s expertise and commitment to the business has been exemplary and he has excelled at every stage and always delivered the goals we have set. We are thrilled at how he has progressed and extremely pleased that he is now in the role of Managing Director. We know with his persistent drive and commitment he will continue the success and growth of Delta Rock”.

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