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Meet the Team – Matt

Meet the Team – Matt

Meet Matt, another of Delta Rock’s apprentices, who has followed his passion and developed his skills to be part of the control system design division of Delta Rock. Within his current role of Control Systems Design Engineer, Matt is responsible for electrical panel and control panel design, managed by our extremely talented and experienced Technical Manager, Michal. Matt also oversees the production of control panel systems within the Delta Rock workshop facility.

The engineering passion

Like many of our team, his passion for problem-solving and understanding how things worked started at a young age. This generally involved him dismantling something and then putting it back together again, although this didn’t always go to plan! Alongside his best friend they often built things, which included a remote-controlled car. Together they built it from scratch, using various bits, which at the age of nine was quite impressive.

Matt’s interest and passion continued to grow, and led him to become a keen mountain biker, which involved maintaining and building bikes. This interest over-flowed into his core school options, with Design Technology being his favourite. Once gaining his GCSEs, it was a natural progression to study engineering at college.

Gaining the first job

On finishing college, Matt’s passion of mountain biking resulted in being offered a place on the team for the Super One Series (British Karting Championship). His role saw him undertake official duties and assisting in the running of the series, travelling across the UK.

This job provided Matt with some great experiences. However, Matt realised this wasn’t what he wanted to do long term. He then set about finding an engineering role, which could offer him more career opportunities.

Starting the journey with Delta Rock

After looking at the apprentice route, Matt applied for an apprenticeship with Delta Rock. Pleased to say he was successful and began his apprenticeship in 2018.

It was quickly realised that with Matt’s passion, previous experience and skills he would rapidly progress in his apprenticeship.

Under the supervision of one of Delta Rock’s qualified electrician, Matt began working on-site. Working on a variety of projects in different industrial settings is something Matt really enjoyed. This variety has added to building his knowledge and skills.

He loved the variety of Delta Rock projects and the different industrial settings he was exposed to. This has all added to his knowledge building and experience.

Finding his career path

During his apprenticeship Matt became increasingly interested in the control system projects he was involved with on site. Showing a keen interest and illustrating his aptitude for this, he was given the opportunity to work in-house in Delta Rock’s workshop. The facility is where control panels for automation systems are manufactured and tested.

Managed and mentored by our Technical Manager, Michal, Matt began to learn how to assemble, wire up and test electrical control panels. Having built his initial understanding and skills, Matt was offered to continue his apprenticeship in control systems design engineering.

This was an opportunity that Matt hasn’t looked back on and thoroughly enjoys working in the design of automation systems.

Continuing with his apprenticeship, it was great to see Matt complete and graduate from his apprenticeship. This then enabled him to take the next steps in his development.

Continual development

Matt was now at a competent level to work on projects. Using his CAD system skills he was able to design electrical systems, working to clients’ specifications. Support by Delta Rock, Matt is now undertaking an HNC in Electrical and Electronic Technology at Deeside College.

Matt continues to grow his knowledge and expertise in PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) software development and furthering his abilities to manage projects from initial design to commissioning. This is with the continued support from our Technical Manager, who is dedicated to progressing Matt’s skills and capabilities.

On asking Matt his thoughts on his journey to date, he said, “I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone aiming to work in the engineering sector. I was extremely lucky to gain mine with Delta Rock. They have constantly supported me in growing my skills and when realising my interest, allowed me to move into the automation side of the business”.

He continues, “I really enjoy the varied work undertaken at Delta Rock. The role I have offers challenges, which I love, as I continue to develop my skills and knowledge. I am lucky to have mentors who have, and continue, to help me improve my skills and expertise. The environment at Delta Rock is great, working with a very supportive team”.

Progressing with the grow of Delta Rock

Matt as a highly motivated, enthusiastic and capable individual is an excellent addition to the in-house automation team at Delta Rock. He continues to manage the new challenges of his role and makes a significant contribution to the on-going success and growth of Delta Rock in automation system developments.

Finally, we’re pleased to say, Matt hasn’t lost that initial passion and still enjoys spending his spare time mountain biking. In addition to this he loves walking his dog, supporting his rugby team: St Helens and his more recently found a passion for skiing.

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