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Meet the Team – Michal

Meet the Team – Michal

Meet Michal, Delta Rock’s Technical Manager, a seasoned professional with a remarkable journey in the electrical and automation industry. When starting with Delta Rock, Michal already had a wealth of experience and expertise, but amazingly software engineering wasn’t the career path Michal thought he would follow.

Michal, originally from Poland, in his early years wanted to pursue a career as a fire fighter, which was reinforced by his voluntary work and experiences. However, at Secondary School, Michal’s mathematic abilities shone, and he realised his enjoyment of problem-solving.

Educational journey, including a valuable Internship

This triggered his interest in IT, and his thought of pursing this as a career. On finishing school, Michal chose to study Electronics at his local Technical College.

The course provided an excellent range of electrical field related knowledge, including amplifiers, electrical circuits, motors and radio frequency. With a balance between theory and practical, this was the first exposure to programming micro controllers using assembler programming language. No surprise that Michal graduated as an Electronics Technician, which convinced him to progress a career in engineering.

To enable Michal to further his knowledge and elevate his career path opportunities, he decided to progress to university to study Automation and Robotics.

During his degree, he was able to gain an Internship with Volkswagen. This provided him with an insight to a variety of elements, including first-hand experience of production line manufacturing, maintenance requirements, robotic and PLC programming (Programmable Logic Controller).

After five years, Michal graduated with a Master’s in Engineering: Robotics and Automation.

Leaving his roots to progress his career

Newly graduated, Michal secured his first professional role as a Junior Software Engineer, which meant him taking the plunge of moving from Poland to the UK. The position involved preparing control system documentation, developing PLC, HMI, and SCADA programs, testing control panels in-house, and commissioning them on-site with clients. Quickly demonstrating his capabilities, professionalism and eagerness to learn and take initiative to drive the projects, Michal was advanced after six months to the position of Software Engineer.

Having worked with Michal previously, Scott Davis (co-owner of The Ethikos Group and parent company of Delta Rock) discussed a new role at Delta Rock to develop the automation expertise within the team, as part of the planned expansion for Delta Rock.

Joining Delta Rock

Wanting to grow his capabilities and have the ability to progress his career further, in 2017, Michal took the decision to take the role of Principal Software Engineer with Delta Rock.

With the continued growth of Delta Rock and the planned progression for their automation department, Michal was keen to establish a strong team to support their ambitions. With Michal’s expertise and the support of the business, he has set out to cultivate a dynamic edge for the company amidst this competitive landscape.

Michal said, “Working at Delta Rock has provided me with the opportunity to grow my experience and become involved in variety of projects across a range of industry sectors. It provides such diversity to my job; you learn new things from working across industries and interacting with different clients. I’m lucky to work with experienced and a dedicated team. It’s a great work environment that is fair and well balanced”.

Michal has continued to deliver on developing and expanding the automation projects managed at Delta Rock, which has been recognised through his progression to the role as Technical Manager.

Pushing forward at Delta Rock

As Technical Manager, Michal now has a wide range of responsibilities. This includes engaging with clients, managing automation projects from tendering to completion, ensuring on-time, on-spec, and profitable deliveries. His expertise sees him responsible for the design of software programmes to enhance existing automation systems and designing new bespoke systems to streamline and improve manufacturing operational functions.

Michal adds, “Being a Technical Manager I get to be involved in all the projects that involve design, assembly, modification, surveys of the control panels and control systems as well as the projects where control software is to be developed and commissioned on site. Typical projects involve electrical control system design followed with control panel design and assembly and control systems software development that I mange and am responsible for through to on-site commission”.

Michal’s ability to balance theory and practical experience, coupled with his hands-on approach and unwavering dedication to excellence, has made him an invaluable asset to Delta Rock. The role as Technical Manager has enable him to continue to push the growth of Delta Rocks’ automation department. His passion for the industry is evident in his commitment to training Delta Rocks’ new aspiring electrical and automation engineers and advocating the benefits of apprenticeships.

Delta Rock’s passion for Apprenticeships

Michal, impressed by the apprenticeship scheme at Delta Rock and passion they place on nurturing talent from within the business. “Everybody paves their way differently to achieve goals in their career, but the opportunity of apprenticeships is important. They provide a platform to grow. Unlike education study they provide theory and practical experience, teaching you aspects from a real-world perspective with realistic scenarios that supports knowledge growth”.

Michal continues to be an amazing ambassador for the growth of Delta Rock in the field of automation and control panel design and is an immensely valuable part of the Delta Rock team and future growth.

In his spare time, Michal enjoys spending time with family, tackling DIY projects, and immersing himself in nature’s beauty, particularly through mountain biking and hiking.

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