Date: March 21, 2019 9:36 am



Reduced cost, reduced downtime, improved efficiency, quick installation and fully tested systems are all key benefits when it comes to modularisation. To improve your plant’s efficiency, you must be forward thinking and plan for every eventuality. Modularisation is the key to success in today’s industry.

Anyone who knows Delta Rock, knows that as well as providing key services in electrical and automation, we also cover the mechanical side of the industry. In particular, modularisation.

The off-site manufacture of modular systems is an area where we add significant value.

One of the main advantages of Delta Rock’s off site modularisation is that when we’re building a modular sub-assembly off-site, it creates the ability to assemble and test thoroughly before we deliver it, on-site.

This increased testing and assembly is key. It ensures that when your system is finally assembled in its permanent home, you can count on a surety of service.

The modular approach to sub assembly manufacture and testing also gives rise to a more efficient project delivery at your plant. Which, in turn, has a major impact in reducing the costs of installation – it’s quicker and right first time.

Further down the line, in the event that  any part of the system needs updating, a modular system allows an individual component to be replaced or modified swiftly and easily.

Our Delta Rock facility in the North West has been created with off-site modularisation in mind. Not only are we experienced in delivering these sorts of sub-assemblies, but we can also handle completely bespoke requirements.

The modularisation of your plant – off-site manufacturing & testing for an on-site installation – can provide peace of mind for years to come.

Delta Rock is proud to offer OEMs and end users with this chance of greater efficiency.

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