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National Engineering Day 2023

National Engineering Day 2023

To all those engineers, we celebrate #NationalEngineeringDay. Engineers across all engineering fields and from all walks of life have a huge impact on our lives.

What is National Engineering Day?

National engineering day is a UK-wide campaign that raises awareness to all those free-thinking minds that strive to solve real world problems through a combination of mathematics, science, and technology.

This day is designed to broaden everyone’s perception of what engineering is, what engineers do and how they can inspire the next generation. Engineering is a challenging but rewarding career. The skills and knowledge engineers have, enable them to make a real difference to the world we live in.

Our Exposure to Engineering

The amazing aspect about engineering is we are exposed to it every day and very often it passes by unnoticed by many of us. Exposure to engineering is an everyday occurrence. From the bridges and roads, we travel, to phones and computers we use and medical devices that save lives. Each one of these have had the intervention of an engineering mind, who was responsible for the initial design through to the final creation.

Engineers are involved in almost every aspect of our historical, current, and future world.

Engineering Specialties

Engineering is all about trial and error, the process of experimenting with a variety of ideas in the pursuit of a successful solution. It is an immensely diverse subject with a vast array of specialities such as: aerospace, electrical, chemical, civil, marine, biomedical, and many more. Even though these subjects are unique to one another the dynamic they share is the inquisitive and innovative mind and construction skills.

Sustainable Engineering

This year’s National Engineering Day theme surrounds the concept of “Engineering for a Sustainable Future”. This is a highly relevant topic as industries are under increasing pressure to break away from their reliance on fossil fuels that contribute to global warming as a source of energy and to change to renewable sources.

Our industrial electrical and automation engineers can relate to these challenges, as we increasingly need to reduce carbon footprint, improve energy efficiencies, and streamline manufacturing systems and processes, to meet our customers’ demands.

Impacting Engineering Themes of 2023

Engineers play a vital role in society, and their work is essential to our continuing progression.

Typical ways engineering is impacting our lives today, to enhance our future world:

    • Renewable energy – Development to combat climate change. Engineers are working to develop new and innovative ways to generate renewable energy as an alternative to the traditional burning of fossil fuels. such as solar and wind power. This is to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and aid the combat on climate change.
    • Improving healthcare – Engineers are developing medical devices and equipment to improve people’s lives.
    • Construction – The development of the materials we use and the system we install, to reduce energy waste and increase efficiencies.
    • Manufacturing Processes – With an ever-growing population, there is increase demands on many products. Engineers are providing innovative solutions to increase productivity in a more energy-efficient, streamline and safe way.

Our Electrical Engineering and Automation Services

At Delta Rock, we are proud to contribute to National Engineering Day with our specialist engineers in electrical and automation engineering.

Our experts have the skills and knowledge to undertake reverse engineering projects, to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of a manufacturing system, to save energy, time and resources. We are responsible for the design and manufacture of bespoke automated control panels designed to power systems in a wide variety of industries. Our proactive electrical engineers are responsible for carrying out a dynamic range of services, to support the constant need to evolve and improve operational systems.

Our Expertise:

    • Industrial Electrical Engineering
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Electrical Installation,
    • Control and Automation
    • Electrical Design
    • Control Panel Manufacture

Engineering is at the heart of everything we do. It is essential that we nuture our current talent to pass it on, but we must also enthuse and illustrate, to the younger generation, the fun and amazing opportunities that a career in engineering can provide.

Delta Rock are pleased to play a small part in this and continue to nurture the budding engineers of the future through our Apprenticeship scheme.

From our apprentices to our experienced engineers and to all engineers out there, we celebrate the great achievements and talent of all engineers. #NationalEngineeringDay

If you are interested in pursuing or want to further your career in electrical and automation engineering, get in contact with us or visit our website to find out how you can join the band of exceptional innovators.

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