Date: July 25, 2023 8:06 am

Meet Our Latest Apprentices

Meet Our Latest Apprentices

With our latest apprentices Kian, Katie and George into their fourth week, with Delta Rock, it’s been great to see them working in the Delta Rock workshop. Working together as a team and working alongside various team members of Delta Rock, they have started to gain an insight to the range of projects Delta Rock are involved with. They have also started to gain an initial understanding in control panel design and build. It’s at the early stage of their apprenticeship with Delta Rock, but it’s been a busy three weeks.

Delta Rock is keen to grow the next generation of electrical engineers, but making the decision to take on apprentices is a difficult process and a big commitment from a business. We have receive a large amount of applications, which is encouraging to see so many young people wanting to move into engineering, but unfortunately, we can’t take on everyone. Decisions need to be made, so what stood out about the apprentices we decided to employ under our apprentice scheme?

Standing out from the crowd

Kian illustrated a very confident and competent personality. He had also gained a diverse range of experience, skills and knowledge within engineering that really was apparent at the interview. It was obvious that he was keen to pursue a career in engineering.

Meet Kian

Kian has always been involved and around engineering and skilled trades, with his family and friends’ background of plumbing and civil engineering businesses. From a young age Kian was exposed to these skills. Throughout school and college he spent a lot of his spare time working at the family and friends’ civil engineering businesses. He was never shy of getting stuck-in and often worked alongside the team on-site.

Whilst studying at college for Level 2 in Electrical Installation, Kian was involved with civil engineering projects that saw him fulfil administration roles, where he overviewed the project and advised the labourers. This was all possible due to the support he received and experience and trust he had built with the team over time. This was quite a responsibility for someone his age. He however, never just delegated, but also picked up a shovel to assist builds and even drove a mini digger. A skill his Grandad had taught him!

Kian has built up a variety of skills and experience. He has used a range of tools and worked in different settings, including domestic groundwork, and installing footings.

From the various projects Kian has already been involved with, one that stands out for him is a full bungalow renovation. Working with the skilled trades and engineers, he was exposed to the various project stages, including initial strip-down of the site, manufacture and installation of the new roof and the development of the new structure and installation of new plumbing and electrical wiring system.

When not working and studying, Kian enjoys playing golf and occasionally assists at his family’s driving range.

The start of their apprenticeship with Delta Rock

It’s obvious that Kian’s in-depth hands-on experience will be invaluable during his time at Delta Rock. Since starting at the beginning of July, he, along with the other new apprentices have been involved in gaining knowledge about the construction of control panels and shadowed our experienced year 3 apprentice Sam in building bespoke control panels.

He has met a number of the other electrical engineers now and gained an understanding of the range of projects Delta Rock are involved with. Moving forward Kian will be shadowing the team on-site to start to build his electrical engineering knowledge and skills, something we know Kian is keen to start.

Good luck Kian and welcome to the Delta Rock Group team, it’s great to have you as part of the team.

If you are keen to progress your career in electrical and automation engineering, and be part of a growing friendly business, visit our website to find out more: A career with Delta Rock

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