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Powering Energy Efficiencies for Industry

Powering Energy Efficiencies for Industry

Delta Rock Installs Power Cables for Oil Barrel Manufacturer’s RTO Upgrade

A manufacturer of oil barrels and IBCs, used across various industries, recently sought Delta Rock’s electrical expertise to support their  manufacturing plant upgrade to improve their operational efficiency.

The project involved installing new power feed cables to a recently installed Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO) control panel. This is part of the facility’s phased upgrade plan and development to improve energy efficiencies, gain cost savings and meet their environmental and sustainability goals.

Two-phase project

This project was carried out in two-phases to ensure safety to the team and their working environment. This also meant that the project would create minimal disruption effecting plant operations.

Phase 1: Establishing and Undertaking Safe and Clean Installation Above Production Line

This involved:

  • Scheduled Installation: Strategically scheduling the installation during a planned factory shutdown to ensure worker safety and avoid interfering with production.
  • Overhead Cabling: Consideration was needed to review how the heavy duty cables could be installation over site. The safest plan of action was to install these during the production shutdown.
  • Working at Height: To safely access elevated areas, the team utilised cherry pickers and scissor lifts, a far safer and more efficient alternative to ladders.
  • Containment: Existing containment was assessed and used to support the new cables.
  • Design: Delta Rock’s project engineer meticulously calculated the required cable size using specialised Trimble software before installation, to ensure the appropriate cables were used.

Phase 1: This concluded with the cables securely installed above the plant machinery on the existing containment. The team strategically determined the exit point for the cables to seamlessly route them out of the factory towards the RTO panel in the nearby car park.

Phase 2: Efficient Cable Installation Across Active Road

  • Cable Installation: Connecting the cables from the factory to the RTO panel required routing the cables on the pipe bridge spanning an active site access road used by lorries. Obviously, it was vital this was undertaking in a safe and planned manner.
  • Design: The team assessed the bridge’s structural integrity to ensure it could support the weight of the RTO power cables before proceeding.
  • Safety: To prioritise working safety during installation on the access road, site security temporarily closed the road, stopping all vehicle movement.

Phase 2: Once securely installed on the pipe bridge, the cables continued along the car park perimeter fence via new tray work.

Successful Completion and Verification

After connecting the cables to the RTO panel and the MCCB (Moulded Case Circuit Breaker) panel inside the factory, the team conducted a dead test with the electrical circuit isolated. Following a successful dead test, the circuit was energised, and live tests were carried out.

These tests confirmed the power supply to the plant was safe and the test results conformed to regulations.

For clear identification, the RTO panel was labelled with the corresponding MCCB circuit reference.

What seems like a simple project had many challenges that needed to be identified to ensure the safe installation and safety of team whilst undertaking this installation.

Lee, one of Delta Rock’s Project Engineers summarised:This project presented significant challenges, particularly regarding plant shutdown and production stoppage. However, the Delta Rock team tackled these challenges head-on, ensuring efficient and high-quality project completion.”

Delta Rock Expertise

Delta Rock’s expertise ensures safe and efficient electrical installations, and with a wealth of experience across a range of industries can meet the challenges set before them.

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