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Reverse Engineering – Improving Operational Efficiencies

Reverse Engineering – Improving Operational Efficiencies

Reverse Engineering enables the continual improvement of your automated systems

At Delta Rock we can offer complete turnkey project management. With our skilled and highly qualified team of automation design engineers we can deliver an end-to-end solution for your manufacturing production.

Our reverse engineering service starts with understanding your problem and reviewing the system to start the design analysis. We will gather information from the existing system, and about the operational process requirements now and your objectives moving forward. To assist with the development, we will also review and assess the environment the operational system will be located.

Reverse Engineering is a cost-effective process to analyse a system and create concepts to evaluate, before moving forward with the manufacture and installation of a new system or a system upgrade.

On understanding your full requirements and future objectives we will create a detailed and accurate product system design. We will update and redesign an existing system to accommodate new processes and functions to enhance and improve your production operations.

Initiating operational efficiencies will provide your business with cost savings and improved allocation of resources.

From the initial design analysis stage our designers will produce concept drawings to illustrate our proposed system. Once the concept is approved, full working engineering drawings will be created for our in-house control panel manufacture team.


The benefit of using Reverse Engineering is the improvements it can make to the effectiveness of a system and its operational efficiencies.

With over 40 years of experience in electrical engineering disciplines, Delta Rock have assisted many of its customers, across a variety of sectors, including Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Chemicals industry sectors.

Utilising reverse engineering provides numerous benefits. including:

  • Updated design drawing for your system.
  • Fully updated and bespoke system that provides improved production through put.
  • Enhanced system that provides operational efficiencies.
  • Reduction in operational processes.
  • Reduction in machine down-time and frequency of maintenance and repair.
  • Cost savings gained in time, money, and resource

Improving your production automation systems will keep you ahead of your competitors.

If you need and want to improve, enhance and update your automated production system, to improve your operational efficiencies, contact our team of automation engineering experts at Delta Rock Group.

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