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Delta Rock Apprentice Nominated for SPARKS Competition

Delta Rock Apprentice Nominated for SPARKS Competition

Delta Rock’s Apprentice, Katie, Nominated for SPARKS Female Skills Competition!

Exciting news! Our talented first-year electrical apprentice, Katie, has been nominated to participate in the SPARKS Female Skills Competition 2024!

This prestigious competition aims to tackle the gender gap in the construction and engineering industry by nurturing confidence and showcasing the skills of aspiring female professionals.

SPARKS Female Skills Competition Explained:

Designed specifically for electrical students pursuing level 2 and 3 apprenticeships. The SPARKS competition spans three regions across England, seeking the country’s brightest up-and-coming talents. The format involves a live practical test where participants independently demonstrate their electrical installation skills. They will be provided materials but will use their personal equipment.

The Challenge of this Award:

This will be a structured mini version of the AM2 industry exam, which qualifies electricians to work unsupervised. It will be a live practical test; the task being to build a functional electrical circuit and successfully test it.

Katie will need to familiarise herself with various elements like circuit boards, lighting and ring circuits, PVC conduit and trunking. Using her own tools and equipment, but using the materials provided, Katie will need to complete the task in an allocated time.

The task will involve:

  • Constructing the circuit using PVC conduit and trunking.
  • Verifying its functionality with a multifunction tester (MFT).
  • Performing essential checks, including insulation resistance, polarity tests, and earth lead impedance.

Entering with Slight Apprehension

JTL, our work-based learning provider, supports Delta Rock’s apprenticeship programs, along with over 3,800 other businesses, of varying sizes. It was JTL’s training officer that impressed by Katie’s development and progress, nominated her for the SPARKS competition.

It’s fair to say that Katie was initially very hesitant about the competition. However, with the backing of the JLT’s training officer and the invaluable encouragement from Delta Rock, especially from Adam, Delta’s Apprentice Team Leader, Katie was soon convinced this would be a great opportunity.

Katie’s family have also been there to support her in gaining the confidence to progress with this competition. They were quick to illustrate the potential of this, which highlights what she has achieved and capable of, in what is still perceived to be a male dominated industry.

We’re please to say Katie is now embracing the challenge and practising hard to improve her knowledge and skills.

Katie added: “Taking part initially seemed daunting,” confesses Katie, “but I’m grateful for Adam, Michael (JLT Trainer) and my family for the support and believing in me. Now, I’m nervous but as the same time, excited about the competition. Even if I don’t win, it will be a great experience and will enhance my skills and confidence as I continue to progress in my apprenticeship journey.”

Practice Makes Perfect

In preparation, whenever she isn’t on site, Katie has been diligently practicing on a test board set up in the Delta Rock workshop. With Adam’s guidance, she has been tackling a diverse range of electrical tasks, working to technical engineering drawings to build precise circuit layouts. This has also enabled her to hone her skills in cutting and bending conduit pipes and ensuring circuit are correctly installed and functioning correctly. The circuit when built illuminates a lamp.

Continued Support                                                                                 

Adam continues to support Katie, setting different circuit scenarios for her to practice. He said, “Through her work on the test board, Katie has mastered creating various circuits, including one-way two-light, ring main, and radial circuits. This comprehensive preparation will equip her with the knowledgeable, in readiness of the competition and to have the confidence to undertake the type of challenge she will face at the SPARKS competition.”

The Big Day:

On March 7th, Katie will head to Kirklees College, Brunel Construction Centre, ready to compete. The entire team at Delta Rock wishes Katie the very best of luck!

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