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UK Contract with Fibo Intercon – Supporting SEM businesses

UK Contract with Fibo Intercon – Supporting SEM businesses

We’re thrilled to announce our contractual partnership with Fibo Intercon.

Fibo Intercon is a leading supplier of sustainability-driven, mobile concrete solutions. From developing and constructing fixed batching plants and element factories, they have directed their focus to innovative solutions for delivering small batch concrete manufacture and dispatch.

Supporting SME’s

Fibo Intercon identified that many smaller businesses required small batch quantities of concrete for the projects they manage. This includes small business contractors, landscape gardeners, builders, farmers and even individual DIY enthusiast.

This saw the creation of the Fibo Collect

Fibo Collect is an automated concrete dispensing station. The system can be located in local builder’s merchant, which allows customers to purchase small quantities of ready-mixed concrete, mortar or screed.

UK expansion requires electrical expertise

With the expansion of this part of the Fibo Intercon business they needed a trusted, experienced and qualified electrical engineering business to partner with, who could install and maintain the Fibo Collect systems, across the UK.

With Delta’s array of experience and expertise in the field of electrical engineering, and automation systems, we are able to support with the electrical installation and on-going maintenance of the Fibo Collect system.

Having the required skills, expertise and qualified industrial electrical engineers and design control panel system engineers, Delta Rock are one of the two partners chosen to support Fibo Intercon UK expansion.

About fibo Collect

Fibo Collect is an automated concrete dispensing station that allows drive-through customers to purchase freshly prepared and documented concrete, mortar or screed, in just the required amounts.

In just a few simple steps, the customer can drive away with the perfectly mixed concrete, allowing them to manage their purchases to suit each individual job and project.

Via an easy-to-use touch screen, customers choose the product they want (concrete, mortar, screed) and the quantity and pay by credit card, bar code or RFID tag at the terminals, adjacent to the touch screens. This will provide a receipt.

After a few minutes, the product chosen will be dispensed via a conveyor into the customers truck or trailer.

It’s as simple as that.

Delta Rock a trusted partner

We have now undergone the bespoke training from Fibo Intercon. With Delta Rock’s wealth of experience, and expertise, we are able to provide the professional and qualified electrical engineers who have the capabilities required for the installation stage.

Delta are also able to provide the required continuous maintenance support for the Fibo Collect once installed.

It’s an exciting time to be part of Fibo Intercon’s UK expansion.

Delta Rock can support your business with a wealth of industrial electrical engineering services:

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Our team of experts can support you in developing the efficiency of your operations and ensuring your business continues to run smoothly and in accordance with required electrical compliances.

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