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Updating Ageing Control Systems for the Automotive Industry

Updating Ageing Control Systems for the Automotive Industry

Updating a Control Panel System to Maintain Operational Efficiencies

An ageing control panel system, if not updated, will overtime begin to have a serious impact on the operational efficiencies and reliability of a manufacturing process.

Obsolescence’s and an antiquated system will expose weaknesses, which will result in operations experiencing increased production downtime, difficulty in sourcing parts and costly repairs. These will place a business at risk and incur increased costs.

Modernising Obsolescent Controls Systems for Automotive Manufacturer

Delta Rock’s customer, a major automotive manufacturer, is aware and understands the damaging implications of relying on ageing systems. In the fast pace and competitive industry of automotive manufacture it is imperative that production downtime is minimised, and operational defects are avoided.

This project called upon Delta Rock’s control system expertise, in design, manufacture, and development to upgrade an ageing PLC control system.

Relying on old, out-of-date control systems can lead to an array of operational issues and system failure, resulting in lost production and negative impacts to the bottom line.

Updating a Control Panel System

The PLC control system in need of updating, controls a scrubber unit at the casting part of the engine manufacturing plant. This is an integral process to the complete vehicle manufacture. The scrubber unit removes harmful and hazardous particles and gases to purify the air, to maintain a safe and clean air environment and reduce pollution.

Using a modern, globally recognised PLC manufacture’s hardware, Delta Rock is undertaking the design and development of the software for the PLC control systems. Our expert team are also managing the transfer of the outdated system and hardware to the new PLC controls that will be fitted in its place.

Project Management to Limit Manufacture Downtime

Projects such as these come with challenges, which includes limiting the impact on the production schedule and in this case designing a new system that will fit into the limited space available.

The crucial element for any manufacturing production line is the need for continuous, efficient, and safe operations.

To manage these challenges and ensure limited impact to the production schedule, Delta Rock prepared a comprehensive workplan for the installation and changeover of the PLC control systems, which will also include the final project stages of testing and commissioning.

With a short shutdown window, Delta Rock will disconnect and remove the old PLC system, install the new PLC’s and reconnect all necessary cables, test and verify IO signals. Finally the operations of the new control system will be tested.

Automation Control Panel Systems – The backbone of the Automotive Industry

The new PLC control system will future proof the operational system for the scrubber. It will eliminate obsolescence issues, improve reliability, reduce maintenance, and provide operational efficiencies.

Safeguarding Your Business Operations

If you are suffering from control system obsolescence, our team of experts can help. Updating ageing systems will reduce the risk of system failures and costly repairs. We can update or develop bespoke PLC control systems, to benefit your operations. Contact our expert team at Delta Rock.

Our in-house team can support you with maintaining the smooth and efficient running of your manufacturing production process.

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