Date: June 21, 2023 3:26 pm

What is Automation Engineering?

What is Automation Engineering?

What is Automation Engineering?

Automation Engineering uses digital technology to improve efficiencies and streamline a manufacturing or operational process. This is utilised across a variety of industry sectors, but most of us identify it with the automotive sector, with programmed robots undertaking repetitive tasks, along a production line.

With a continual push on businesses to improve throughput and reduce costs, many more businesses are investing in automation systems to gain operational efficiencies.

Industry sectors taking advantage of automation systems, include, food and beverage, waste and water treatment, construction and chemical plants.

Investing in automation will deliver significant benefits for your business, which include:

  • Improved production efficiency
  • Increased speed of tasks
  • Improved operational reliability
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced error and rejects
  • Improved safety
  • Relocation of resources
  • Reduced costs

At Delta Rock, our expertise in automation engineering crosses many industry sectors and operational functions. Working closely with our clients, we will design and create a FDS (Functional Design Specification) to detail how the control system will operate to deliver the functions and efficiencies required.

We will develop the appropriate software programme to drive production efficiencies and reduce costs of your production operation. Our in-house expertise enables us to support your complete automation project from the initial functional design, through electrical design, control panel build, software development, to final installation and commissioning.

If you need to push your production capabilities forward, improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs, contact our experts, to start your automation journey of continual improvement.

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