Date: June 6, 2023 4:45 pm

World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day is to raise awareness and importance of maintaining safe food practices and standards. Today statistics show that foodborne diseases affect 1 in 10 people worldwide, each year (WHO – World Health Organisation). Ensuring food standards are set will helps keep us all safe.

There are already strict regulations and legislation that food producers need to adhere to, in order to ensure essential food hygiene standards are upheld and the ingredients used are safe. Many food producers work hard to continually improve the way in which foods are produced and managed, to safeguard us.

The food and beverage sector, however, face many challenges. The demand to increase production is met with the requirement to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and meet environment objectives.

Delta Rock has extensive experience and expertise in working within the food and beverage industry. Working within this sector has exposed us to the continuous focus on improvement the food and beverage industry has and the commitment to health and safety.

We are therefore experienced in how we need to work to meet the health and safety procedures in place, but also to work within the operational demands of this industry.

We understand the challenges the food and beverage sector faces. The need to produce food and beverages more efficiently, to reduce costs, whilst meeting environmental targets.

Delta have already been supporting many of their customers meet these demands. With our in-house automation engineering expertise, using digital technology, we have developed automated systems to streamline manufacturing operations. This has delivered reduce costs and increase production efficiencies, saving time, resource and money.

Whilst the food and beverage sector continue to meet the challenges set before them. At Delta we are working to continually improve the systems needed to support them reach these demands.

If you need to gain operational efficiencies within your production process, then talk to us about our electrical engineering and automation services and see how we can help you. Contact us now.

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